In society, there is the idea that there are “math people” and “non-math people”. Calculus has been taught the same way for many years catering only towards “math people”. Because of this, there is a low amount of women and minorities in engineering fields who have been traditionally told that they are not meant for math. The solution that we are presenting is this online learning platform for math called Collaborative Calculus. Students who have an interest in Calculus, typically in college, will use this platform to engage in learning calculus collaboratively, visually, and creatively. The framework for the project is inspired by Dr. Jo Boaler, the author of “Limitless Mind” and promoter of the idea that anyone can learn math and many have fun doing so.

Meet the Team

Seattle University’s computer science students, John Munar, Bailey Thompson, Bryn Lasher and Nicholas Doubrovsky and advisor, Aditya Mishra, are pairing up with Mercer Island Telecom. The founder and a current managing member of Mercer Island Telecom, LLC (MitelCo), a communication solutions and management consulting firm with partnerships including GoogleCloud, RingCentral, and Zoom, is Carlos Obando. Another employee from MitelCo who has had a big impact on this project is Yiwei Wu. MitelCo is a stakeholder and will offer their services for 345pi.com, a Delaware based startup whose business will be built around our project. Feel free to click on the Student’s names to view their Linkedin pages to learn more about them!

John Munar

Bailey Thompson

Bryn Lasher

Nicholas Doubrovsky

Carlos Obando

Yiwei Wu

Aditya Mishra